Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock Housing Co-operative Limited

Website: Brighton Rock Housing Co-op
Registration No: 26332R
CHIBAH Affiliation: Full

Brighton Rock is a short-life co-op in West Hove. There are 12 members in all living in 3 conjoined terraced houses. The Co-op was formally established 12 years ago; but its origins go back much further when the houses were squatted after being the target of a Compulsory Purchase Order by the Council to make way for the ‘Shoreham Basin’ road scheme. The Co-op provides housing for individuals; unfortunately the houses are not suitable for families or couples. Each member has their own room; kitchens, bathrooms and lounges are shared amongst 4 people. The large sunny garden is shared by all members. Each house is centrally heated and fitted out with all mod cons including WLAN.

Brighton Rock makes all decisions democratically at its monthly meetings. Interested potential members are welcome to attend these meetings as they give a real sense of what it is like to live in the Co-op as everything from annual budgets to soft furnishings find their way onto the agenda. Meetings are held on weekday evenings from 1930 and last for 2 hours or so. Please call for more details.