Starlings Housing Co-operative


Being able to afford to live in the city on low – average wages is a right we have been fighting for and the government has made steps towards making this possible.

Welcome to Starlings Housing Co-operative.

We are excited to be part of a new-build housing co-operative movement where fairness in society is put before business.

In line with this, we also work in partnership with a number of key delivery partners including:

  • Local residents
  • Co-operative Housing in Brighton and Hove (CHIBAH)
  • Brighton and Hove CLT and its Community-led Housing Program
  • Brighton and Hove City Council
  • City College Construction Centre
  • Footprint Design

Starlings are 5 founder members and we and we have 3 supporters, volunteering as part of their 2 – 3 month probation to become members. Our multi-disciplinary team is due to expand for those interested in the opportunity. To manage this well it is important that we take the right steps and carefully. There is a very limited selection of land available and so the numbers of potential homes are few, so it may take time before your outcome is realised. To make the best of this opportunity you will need to work with us to make it happen, attending fortnightly meetings, training and doing your bit.

Importantly, it’s a great empowering community to be part of. Do you want to help us make it happen?

How we plan to do this

After extensive planning and hard work from the team it’s possible to secure land that becomes available for affordable eco-housing.

Our community will be as self-sustaining as we can, making the most of all relevant green technologies including solar panels, greywater management, ecologically sensitive and sustainable materials, buried water heating systems and biomass heaters.  Alongside which we aim to achieve excellence in sustainable building design and construction eco-centred, sustainable low-cost and low-rent community-owned genuinely affordable housing.

Our first intergroup project entails:

  • 10 Affordable rental homes, 3 x 1 bedroom homes and 7 family homes at 40 – 60% of the open market value
  • 5 shared family home ownerships at investing 40% of the equity
  • 6 x 2 bedroom flats for older investors at 80% of equity and 3 family homes at 75% of equity making up 9 Limited Equity homes.
  • 1 x 2 room Community Centre also at 75% of equity Limited equity

All up, this makes homes for 64 local people, 25 of whom in family homes.

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