Sea City

Sea City Housing Co-Op has been formed by a bunch of friends who want to
live together once their children have left home, estimated for 2020. We are
all homeowners who will be using our equity to invest in the Co-op. Using
the money that we loan to the coop, the co-op will buy a large house that we
will all live in together, sharing the majority of the facilities indoors
and outside, but also having our own private bedroom/living space & some
guest space. We are choosing this cooperative rental model because it gives
us stability & security, but with more flexibility for change than
individual ownership would. We all want to be creative about how we live in
later life; having fun together and being supportive of each other are our
main motivations! We are also downsizers keen to release housing stock for
future generations of families. We currently have five members and are a
closed group for now.