Bunker Housing Co-operative Limited is a self-build housing co-op formed in 2015. We are located in Brighton with the goal of housing low-income families living in private rented accommodation with little hope of either buying their own home or being housed by the local authority. We are a self-build non-equity co-op and all our members are registered with the Brighton & Hove Homemove housing register as in housing need. 

Our goal is to build architecturally designed high quality truly affordable homes and our¬†first build is due to start in the summer of 2017 on a derelict council owned garage site located off Plumpton Road, on the Pankhurst Estate in the Queens Park area in Brighton. We have been working closely with the Estate Regeneration Team at Brighton and Hove Council, CHIBAH and other stakeholders to make this “pilot scheme” a success with a view to developing several further sites in the city over the coming years.

Bunker is a Fully Mutual par value housing co-operative of equal ownership and we are open to new members who match our eligibility criteria. If you are part of a family “traditional” or otherwise, want to get involved and work hard to create an alternative to the private capital- homeownership model for yourself and others in the city of Brighton and Hove then we would love to hear from you at: bunkerselfbuild@gmail.com